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Woof Guys

WOOF ALL DAY guys. I don’t know how much time you’re supposed to spend making a website but for me it took all day, and frankly- not too much fun! Maybe it’d be more fun if I didn’t just do it once every year. What has happened to me since last we saw eachother here?

Mike said hi

That’s about all of it, mas o menos. There’s quite a bit of figures to have a look at in the gallery these days, so make some time to peruse and read some information about each one of the figures that haven’t yet made it on the site yet, ranging from 2012 to today! It is NOT THAT HARD to update the gallery I found out today. Had some iced tea, had a little bagel bite (yes, a little one- they make even smaller bagel bites called bagel bite minis which, if you take a regular sized bagel, a bagel bite mini fits INSIDE the hole)

Whatever else happens today, there’s this. Hello. My things I do these days are cake toppers. Almost done with a cool Beetlejuice and Lydia, so I’ll show y’all some shots of that when I get done with it. Just came back from London where I hand-delivered a cake topper to my buddies Greg and Alice who got married over there. I was also invited to the wedding, so that was nice. I had the- lamb. This is them on top of their unnaturally enlargened dog, Wilfred.

Greg and Alice

Greg and Alice and Wilfred

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That’s Why I MAGFest

Let’s get serious, anyway. If I could guarantee a MAGFest- sized show where I knew I could sell as much as I sell there, I’d have a good solid job rolling. But it’s tough to count on any other shows being as successful as that one, so until then I’ll keep hustling on the off season and show up in January with a bad-ass table ready to do battle.

This MAGFest was by faaaaaaar the best one I’ve done, and I think most of the other vendors would agree that there was a healthy group of “Spendersons” there (the term I use to differentiate between people who spend money vs those who’re just walking around with their money lodged well up into their butts) so we all enjoyed a slice of the fat money pie.

Let’s talk and talk about it, but I know what you’re thinking: where’s the pics and shots, Ben?? I’m here to disappoint, and can confidently say that the one thing I didn’t do was take pictures of all the new stuff I did for the show. Suffice to say, it was all really good! Lucky though that it was all stuff I have molded, so I’ll soon have shots of everything. I did manage to get shots of Shovel Knight, so here’s some of that for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have good shots of these Shovelers because it was actually something I got done AFTER MAGFest. I had the option to pre-order the figure at the show and a few people took the deal, so these were the first thing I did when I got back. I gave the option of armor color and phrase on the base. They were a lot of fun to do! I’m almost done with the big commissions from MAG, and can get back into sculpting new stuff. In the meantime, I’m hustling in the next few months to pay the huge tax bill I got saddled with, so if video game figures are your thing, check out my new etsy shop. There’s a whole bunch of stuff not sold from the show, so there’s something there for you, I’d bet!

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I’m Done Sculpting

That’s right, everybody. I’ve decided that after the over TEN years of sculpting, the success, the not-quite-failures-but-pretty-bads, the praise and accolades, and the busted eyeball blood vessels, I’ve decided to stop sculpting entirely for the day. It’s just about 6:18 PM and I just can’t do it anymore.

“Now wait!” You’re trying to telepathically convey to me. “You can’t stop now! It’s the shank of the evening!” to which I reply, I don’t care WHAT it’s the shank of anymore. I’m just tired and I think I’d be better off just quitting altogether for the day. I know this is probably gonna upset some people who thought I would be sculpting until the end of my day, like, right up until I go to sleep. You people just need to understand- I got a life outside sculpting, and I feel like I’ve been ignoring it. I need to take the trash out at some point tonight.

Please just know that while I feel very strongly about this decision, there still is a possibility I might change my mind and return to sculpting. Presently I doubt it, but at some point down the line like at 9:30, maybe I’ll feel differently.

In the meantime, go to the Portfolio to see a BUNCH of new shots of figures I did for some events and shows I recently attended. “What shows?” you telepathically inquire- well, if you can implant thoughts into my head, shouldn’t you know that already?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And just like that, I quit. See ya tomorrow!!

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Post Pixels and Pigments Payload

I’ve been really lucky this year to have a lot of time to get figures done and cast out, ready to paint. It’s been at the cost of not making a lot of up-front money and instead stockpiling loads of sculptures for some glorious day. I got a bunch of figures set a side to put in the Pixels and Pigments show that went on at the end of last month. It was a blast and highly successful! When I say it was highly successful I mean I didn’t sell anything but many people totally probably THOUGHT about buying something. Other artists in the show managed to sell a few bits but I’m sure we all would’ve wished for a few more bucks. I was ready to re-make everything in the show, thinking I was gonna sell out, so at least I don’t have to find time to replace any of those pieces!

When you do a gallery show, they set it up in a couple of different ways, but the most popular way to compensate the gallery owner for letting you use his space is to attach a percentage of your sale to go to him. It makes you want to price your piece to give room for his cut but still give you the money you feel you deserve for the piece. This results in a rather higher-priced piece than would rather be set at like say a convention or arts fair, where you pay a flat rate to get a booth. Even if the rate is like $300 to get a booth, you’ll still think of it as a seperate cost that shouldn’t change what you charge for your art. Anyway, that’s how it is with me, and it’s probably why I do better at conventions.

That being said, you may be thinking “so you’ll be just holding out for MAGFest from here?” NOPE the next event will be in December with Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar II, we’re working on a popup shop with multiple purposes- a launch party for our line of figures DOOMFELLAZ, an art show and a place to pick up men and women of questionable morals (to your preference) so keep your social calendar clear! More information to come!

I’ll unleash some shots of figures that were displayed at the show- the big deal was this one, which I call “Hylian at Rest”


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Level 7

I’ve been keeping you all on tenterhooks, Fizzlets (that’s what you call yourselves, you who follow this blog) but for good reason- I know you’ve all been wondering what the “dirt” is on what I’ve been up to. Well, no use getting your hands full of “dirt” any longer, Fizzlings! Here’s a shot of the progress so far- not the best resolution from the phone, but it tells the story of not a small amount of casting work-


It’s a cavalcade of halfway-done work. A lot of it is at Level 7 of the process. 3 more levels to go and they’re ready to go in people’s pockets! Most is stuff I’m working on to get ready for MAGFest 12, Though I submitted my request like a week ago and nothing back. Do you think maybe I’ve been blackballed because of my shines/jinx? It’s likely.

I even pulled out most of my done stuff to show Phil Hoyt so he could pick what he wanted for his upcoming show at Breakneck Gallery in Lakewood:

Cover Photo

Theoretically, you should be able to click that banner and it’ll take you to the facebook. Have heart, out-of-town Fizzkins- I’ll be traveling also with my petites in the next few months, even as far as



See something small and blurry that you like on that table? I’ll keep up with where I’ll be in the upcoming months so you can get your dirty hands on ’em.


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Angles n’ Mangles

The new project is for Amber at Monster Makers, who saw the first Pyramid Head that I did and wanted me to make another one. I said “okay.” So I got to working on it lickety split. She didn’t say it out loud but I knew she wanted to say, “could you make this next one WAAAAY better?” and I said “yes.”

Though she hadn’t asked me anything. Made it weird to say okay, then pause, then “yes.” She didn’t say it out loud or anything, but I knew she wanted to say, “hey that was weird.”

Now I’m a bit of a ways through Pyramid Head version 2 out of Monster Clay and I’m liking what I see so far. The head’s pretty much done but the body has only been worked in once and his arms need… A little something more, I can’t quite figure out what, though.

Armless but not harmless


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Toy Store! Toy Store! Toy Store!

Tomorrow’s almost here, and when it is, I’ll be rolling up to the Grand Opening of Lakewood’s newest vinyl toy shop

Sleepy Robot 13

Come on down after 11 AM on 4/21 to get first dibs on all the brilliant blind boxes, exclusives and limited runs! AND the best selection of Sleepy Robots in one place by Lisastarchild Pinkston (the owner of the shop).  Not to mention a spot with some of my resin pieces for sale (Shy Guys and HAUNTS) and also a bunch of choice custom vinyls by Rick Sans.


While I’m there me and Rick are gonna work on a GIANT MUNNY together– there’s also going to be home-cooked refreshments, one thing of which is Anne’s famous dessert sushi, which is rice krispie snacks + swedish fish rolled up in Fruit by the Roll-Ups! Now I think about it, this is like 8 DAYS of fun things in all one day, so 1. show up and 2. BE READY

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Come to the Dark Side, Valentine

I’m a little behind in posting up all the new sculptures I’ve done in the past couple weeks; I have wanted to stagger them so it doesn’t seem like I’m pumping them out one after the other in a mad fever. That IS what I’m doing, but I don’t want it to seem like that. This one I completed last week, on Friday I think, and it almost already seems like years ago that I made him. He’s a version of Magus from Chrono Trigger that I guess shows up before you realize he’s a bad guy? I don’t know, I never played it. That fact feeds itself into the mysteriousness of the character’s pose here. Can you see/feel it?

Feel my mystery

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Not everything groundhogs say is true

Now my time is split precariously between catching up on commissions /working on projects and proving that I’m still alive (h’lo folks!) all the while trying to maintain my slow progress in Skyrim. I’ll be working on a sculpture or casting a bunch of stuff and then feel a pang of guilt because I left an NPC hanging when I told her I’d deliver a letter for her or I still have to retrieve some dead jerk’s horn for a bunch of crusty guys on top of a mountain. Why won’t they LET ME LIVE?!

I did manage to get this done in the betweentime.

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