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Baby’s Big Day Off

Hey dude

Since the last time I posted, I think I cut my hair only three times. That’s not a whole lot of times, so I’m not too concerned. Besides, just a whole lot of stuff has happened so I can’t be blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in your life. Sure, overall I’m probably part of the problem. I’ll go out of my way and point them out, even, so as to get ahead of the accusations:

I didn’t close the door completely. rather, I closed it but it didn’t click. This allowed not only for heat to get out, but also your gila monster which you had yet to register at the exotic pets center. Though it didn’t bite anyone, it caused a kid to totally do a header off his Next.

I dropped your iPhone in sauce. This will be your sixth iPhone in so many months. I admit I did it, but you can’t deny: Ended up being some fiiiiiine sauce.

The best I could do was “yeah that sounds about right” when you told me your uncle died. My insensitivity caused you to drop the phone while driving, which landed smack-dab in (what are the odds) a bag of warm sauce.

I know there have been more, but as I said, I don’t have the time to reroute my own culpability in all matters that I was the prime transgressor in recent months. It would take me all night and I don’t think your laptop has enough battery power to get through them all. You weren’t using it and mine has been confiscated by Best Buy for what they are calling “blatant misuse”

Other than that, check this out:

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There’s a new bot in town

Do you ever plan to eat a candy bar? I do. I think about it like a day ahead and go, “Twix’d be good right around now… Tomorrow.” Twix is especially a good choice because it knocks me out on the first one, then I have to put the second bit in a drawer. If I’m lucky I forget all about it until the next day when I find it and decide probably it’s still good. (Hint: most stores sell these bad boys for a buck and a half, but the GOOD stores do a 3 for 2 dollars thing? (Hint: just buy one, there’s no way you could eat 3 Twixes and then leave the other bit in a drawer before one goes probably bad))

On a related note– The word’s got to get out, I’ve released several items directly for sale on etsy and in the shop section, so check out those outlets for your Fizz Man Industries needs.


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Post-MAG reality check

‘Nother MAGFest done and dusted, and my shelf’s looking like it’s gotta get filled with funny sculptures again. Already I’ll be hitting the sculpting table with commissions for round ten of my life as a full-time artist. Now that the big milestone’s over, I have to start thinking: is this a job, or an activity that is merely staving off the moment until I have to GET a job? Oddly enough, that sentiment makes me want to sculpt RIGHT NOW

One of the things I want to do more is write more this year. That last sentence could be rewritten, “I would like to write more more”. This is a good reason for me to be in the practice of writing! I’ll be talking more about what I’m doing in the life of me as well as the obvious art stuff that just bogs this site down, really.

Also you may notice that the pictures have been retaken for Mega Man Chess. This is because Rachel Peterson came and took far better pictures than I ever could with her space camera from the future. I’ll be putting new sculptures up daily from all the pieces that were unveiled at MAGFest– there’s quite a few, so keep up!

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Big MAGFest Project Announcement!

The time has come to drop the biggest project I’ve been working on for MAGFest 10: Mega Man Chess!

I said I’d announce this by Friday night, so I gotta dash this off in the next couple minutes or I’m OUT OF BOUNDS. This new set is gonna be shown off for the first time at MAGFest 10, so make sure you get yourself to National Harbor next weekend! I promise this set is the best Mega Man Chess set that you can find. On Google images. Thus far. Here are some more shots:


More shots of individual pieces to come. Also, I’ll eventually get a more dazzling board but for now we’re on the vinyl placemat. LOOK AT THOSE PIECES!!!! (not the board!)

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If you can believe it, I made a sculpture

Gotta keep moving after Los Angeles and the Proximity Show. I got a call to put together this tidy little character– can you guess what he is or is doing? I can’t. But I will lay my life down for his right to be it! (and do it!)

Beyond these projects, I’m getting my next big release ready. With the Zelda set behind me (and the press of it being well and truly milked) it’s time to get the next set out. Though I don’t want to be considered a one-trick pony, I don’t much care– the subject matter of this next chess set is something a lot closer to my heart than Zelda, for sure. I won’t say just yet what it is (and some of you already know) but I promise it’ll be 1) better than that other one and 2) playable with standard chess rules. LET THE RUMOR MILL BEGIN!

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