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That’s Why I MAGFest

Let’s get serious, anyway. If I could guarantee a MAGFest- sized show where I knew I could sell as much as I sell there, I’d have a good solid job rolling. But it’s tough to count on any other shows being as successful as that one, so until then I’ll keep hustling on the off season and show up in January with a bad-ass table ready to do battle.

This MAGFest was by faaaaaaar the best one I’ve done, and I think most of the other vendors would agree that there was a healthy group of “Spendersons” there (the term I use to differentiate between people who spend money vs those who’re just walking around with their money lodged well up into their butts) so we all enjoyed a slice of the fat money pie.

Let’s talk and talk about it, but I know what you’re thinking: where’s the pics and shots, Ben?? I’m here to disappoint, and can confidently say that the one thing I didn’t do was take pictures of all the new stuff I did for the show. Suffice to say, it was all really good! Lucky though that it was all stuff I have molded, so I’ll soon have shots of everything. I did manage to get shots of Shovel Knight, so here’s some of that for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have good shots of these Shovelers because it was actually something I got done AFTER MAGFest. I had the option to pre-order the figure at the show and a few people took the deal, so these were the first thing I did when I got back. I gave the option of armor color and phrase on the base. They were a lot of fun to do! I’m almost done with the big commissions from MAG, and can get back into sculpting new stuff. In the meantime, I’m hustling in the next few months to pay the huge tax bill I got saddled with, so if video game figures are your thing, check out my new etsy shop. There’s a whole bunch of stuff not sold from the show, so there’s something there for you, I’d bet!

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Baby’s Big Day Off

Hey dude

Since the last time I posted, I think I cut my hair only three times. That’s not a whole lot of times, so I’m not too concerned. Besides, just a whole lot of stuff has happened so I can’t be blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in your life. Sure, overall I’m probably part of the problem. I’ll go out of my way and point them out, even, so as to get ahead of the accusations:

I didn’t close the door completely. rather, I closed it but it didn’t click. This allowed not only for heat to get out, but also your gila monster which you had yet to register at the exotic pets center. Though it didn’t bite anyone, it caused a kid to totally do a header off his Next.

I dropped your iPhone in sauce. This will be your sixth iPhone in so many months. I admit I did it, but you can’t deny: Ended up being some fiiiiiine sauce.

The best I could do was “yeah that sounds about right” when you told me your uncle died. My insensitivity caused you to drop the phone while driving, which landed smack-dab in (what are the odds) a bag of warm sauce.

I know there have been more, but as I said, I don’t have the time to reroute my own culpability in all matters that I was the prime transgressor in recent months. It would take me all night and I don’t think your laptop has enough battery power to get through them all. You weren’t using it and mine has been confiscated by Best Buy for what they are calling “blatant misuse”

Other than that, check this out:

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I’m Done Sculpting

That’s right, everybody. I’ve decided that after the over TEN years of sculpting, the success, the not-quite-failures-but-pretty-bads, the praise and accolades, and the busted eyeball blood vessels, I’ve decided to stop sculpting entirely for the day. It’s just about 6:18 PM and I just can’t do it anymore.

“Now wait!” You’re trying to telepathically convey to me. “You can’t stop now! It’s the shank of the evening!” to which I reply, I don’t care WHAT it’s the shank of anymore. I’m just tired and I think I’d be better off just quitting altogether for the day. I know this is probably gonna upset some people who thought I would be sculpting until the end of my day, like, right up until I go to sleep. You people just need to understand- I got a life outside sculpting, and I feel like I’ve been ignoring it. I need to take the trash out at some point tonight.

Please just know that while I feel very strongly about this decision, there still is a possibility I might change my mind and return to sculpting. Presently I doubt it, but at some point down the line like at 9:30, maybe I’ll feel differently.

In the meantime, go to the Portfolio to see a BUNCH of new shots of figures I did for some events and shows I recently attended. “What shows?” you telepathically inquire- well, if you can implant thoughts into my head, shouldn’t you know that already?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And just like that, I quit. See ya tomorrow!!

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When I was 11 I came across this advertisement in a video game magazine:


It was a very important thing to have done, and also interesting to note that it was a time when a page in a magazine was quite possibly the only thing to convince me that I had to get $50 together for a video game (let alone ANYTHING- where does an 11-year-old get 50 bucks?)

I wasn’t so easily swayed by mere magazine ads- that is to say, they weren’t always my guidance for choosing which games were right for me. The box art had to be really good too. 1996 was a tough time to get folks to buy computer games, and a bunch of stuff clicked for me with The Neverhood– it was claymation, which I was obsessed with, and it was a point and click adventure. I was familiar with the genre through King’s Quest, which was given to us by our cousins. My brother and I played it over the course of a summer when our dad was off at work. Essentially, King’s Quest was our babysitter. It did a really good job.

One Sunday afternoon out with my grandmother (henceforth to be referred to as Teddy) I came across The Neverhood at Wal-Mart. I had put the game in the back of my mind since seeing the ad, as well as my resolve to get the cash together. I appealed to Teddy to lend me the money (which, both of us knew, was really just a request for her to buy it for me) but Teddy said “well, you’ve already picked out the Legos, so you can only have one”. Completely reasonable, but I just decided to cry about it until she caved in. Even to this day I stand up for my 11-year old self and his behavior. What am I, gonna pass up on a big box of Legos? It was the big tub of loose, uncoordinated Legos. You can’t buy those tubs anymore.

So I got the game home and can still remember just how perfect it was. If you haven’t played this game, there’s nothing I can say that will convince you that you should find a way to play it, but you very much should. The game’s art direction alone is like nothing you’ve ever seen, the world is rich and full of rewarding secrets, the puzzles are so clever, the music and characters jibe with the world to bring it all to life and make me obsessed with it for years and years. I was a big contributor to The Neverhood message boards for a long time (posting under my ‘Hood alias, Foonio) and I’ve done some fanart in the past:

This game has been the impetus for my desire to stick with sculpting. They released some games after The Neverhood for the Playstation- one platformer called Skullmonkeys and a fighting game called Boombots. Both were just as creative and had high replay value, but what we’ve always wanted was a return to the Neverhood, or at least the style of it. SO- here we are, almost 20 years later and Mike Dietz has gotten the crew back together to make a new Claymation point-and-click, the spiritual successor to The Neverhood:

I’ve done all I can to support the project monetarily, by calling Teddy and crying until she caved in. Now, if you could do the same, and call your grandmothers, we’ll have this game backed and off the ground. Take a look around the Kickstarter campaign, watch the movies, check out the fantastic pledge incentives, and toss ’em a few bones. Indie games abound these days, but I can assure you, NOBODY makes games like these guys do. It’s GOTTA get done. I never ask you for anything, it’s totally the least you could do. Call your grandma.

I was so excited about Armikrog I did a Drunken Sailor Klaymen figure

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Can’t Stop Eating

Hi! Do you love blogs that start with the phrase, “I know it’s been a long time since I last posted…” because that’s the way I think I am about this blog!

So I went to Las Vegas and got married, and then came back to Cleveland to have a party with the family folks and friends. This is my excuse for being off and about for like two months. Super busy with party stuff, and not to mention me and Anne are moving back to JAPAN in two days (!) so not as much time to work on the sculptures.

That ain’t to say I was sitting on my thumbs, sir! No, I made my thumbs work the hardest in fact- get ahold of a load of this cake topper I made for the top of the cake that my mom made for our wedding reception!

I didn’t get any shots of the cake myself, so this one comes courtesy of Erin Seagraves. Thanks Erin! If any other shots of the full cake trickle down, I’ll toss those up, too. Sorry to everyone who has sent commission requests in the past few weeks, I’ve just kinda clammed up and haven’t replied. You can expect a response soon– unfortunately the answer’ll be no for awhile, since I’m moving. Rest assured though, I’ll be sculpting overseas with Monster Clay. Unfortunately that means no final products, just goofaround projects. Gotta keep sharp, though!

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There’s a new Hedgehog-themed Character in Town

I had a bit of time to work on a sculpture for Aaron Riddle, a wedding photographer from Virginia. He learned about my stuff I do from Curtiss who works on my site and keeps it so sheeny/shiny. Getting closer to getting married, though, is keeping me a little busy so I don’t know what my sculpting schedule will look like in the next few weeks. There are a few more pieces that gotta get put up and I’ll just be here gabbing about my fractured take on politics and civil discourse on Three and a Half Men’s best season.

It’s the FIFTH and disagreeers get rolled the hell DOWN 

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Angles n’ Mangles

The new project is for Amber at Monster Makers, who saw the first Pyramid Head that I did and wanted me to make another one. I said “okay.” So I got to working on it lickety split. She didn’t say it out loud but I knew she wanted to say, “could you make this next one WAAAAY better?” and I said “yes.”

Though she hadn’t asked me anything. Made it weird to say okay, then pause, then “yes.” She didn’t say it out loud or anything, but I knew she wanted to say, “hey that was weird.”

Now I’m a bit of a ways through Pyramid Head version 2 out of Monster Clay and I’m liking what I see so far. The head’s pretty much done but the body has only been worked in once and his arms need… A little something more, I can’t quite figure out what, though.

Armless but not harmless


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Days’re getting warmer, and my docket’s getting fuller of things to work on- I need to get started working on some real crowd-stompers for the rapidly upcoming Too Many Games convention, plus there’s another Zelda Set to do and some other projects. Working up at Monster Makers has given me pause, though, because there are two incredibly good sculptors who work there and their skill and knowledge is simultaneously spurring and daunting. I’m lucky to be working with them because I get to steal their secrets, slowly/surely. I got a bunch of work done today which is awesome and I also realized, hey! Website’s got some dust on it! Blow it off, Ben! Here’s a guy I’m sure… Somebody will recognize! There’s not an abundance of pictures of this latest sculpture because they were lost in the Great Laptop Fry-Up of Early March.

“I own a Soulsweeper, it’s okay” 

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Guitar Solo

While the days may be fewer where I’ll sit down for 10 hours and sculpt/cast/paint, I can still manage to crank some things out! Today I’ll show you this one I made– it’s from the Video Game “Mega Man X” and it took me a little bit of time! That might be why I haven’t said anything for a couple of weeks, but it’s also because I’ve been busy up at The Monster Makers, and there were a couple of other commissions that I was tying up. I’d show off some pictures from those, but that brings up the other thing that made it so I didn’t post aything– the hard drive fried. Fried right on up. Or toasted. What it actually did I can’t say, because even technical professionals will use those euphamisms for it.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, sir, but it looks like your hard drive is fried.”

“Oh. So– what does that mean?”

“Well, at some point, it could have been while you weren’t at home, but the computer probably jumped up and swirled around in the frying pan. there’s not much we can do.”

In any case I lost a few photo sets of most recent sculptures, but I may yet be able to get some shots of them. Stay up late at night and see if I post them!

and look out behind you! 

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