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Six Matters

Tonight’s the night– the night I’ve all been waiting for! We’re putting on an art show at Proximity Gallery called EXTRA LIVES. In the past couple days I’ve put up some images of things that are gonna be shown there. For those of you who won’t be able to make it, check those galleries out! For those of you who are gonna be there, DON’T look at them! It’ll be way better to be surprised! I know I will, I forgot what  it was that I did!

Speaking of things that’ll be there, I’m unveiling a line of figures called HAUNTS at the gallery– they’re limbless floating curiosities. There’s a gallery for each one.

Bad Jim


Spanky & Tooter


See you tonight! There’ll be Jolly Ranchers!

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Anne Used ENGAGE! It’s Super Effective!

So last weekend Anne and I went to Pittsburgh to see one of our favorite groups, Tally Hall. We also went to Kennywood, which is a theme park and splash-zone with plenty of parking and Nightmares. One such Nightmare is Garfield’s. You would be surprised, but a lot of Garfield’s anxiety is food-related. I would think it would center more on things he can’t control, but then again, I’d be overreaching if I said I knew anything about Cat Psychology. That course was not available in the semester I was doing Horse and Bird Psychology, and it would have been good to get it out of the way, but that STILL doesn’t cover Cartoon Cat Psychology which wasn’t even listed as a course at Cleveland State.

Further, after Kennywood, we went to Mr. Small’s Theater outside of Pittsburgh for the show. During Tally Hall’s set, Rob Cantor stopped the show to announce Anne and my presence. He had us stand in the middle of the crowd and Anne asked if I wanted to marry her!  Believe it! I said yes in so many words. You can see a video of it on Youtube, which has a vast cache of resources for your Cat Psychology course.

You should celebrate in your own way by checking out the Shop section of the site– there’s now Fizz Man Shirts to buy! Congratulation!

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Let’s Play This Game Again

Hey, remember when I made a chess set with pieces that looked like Zelda characters? Well, pretend the answer to that question is “no”! 

I got called on to put together another of these boards, identical to the first one, and I guess I really don’t have to bring it onto the site. However, I did make some very negligible changes to the pieces, and there’s a real nice board involved. Also, to chess nerds, I can’t be called out for glaring mistakes in board setup. I can, however, still be called out for mistakes in character placement from different nerds, or other nerds who think I should have made a Battlestar Galactica chess set.

What’s even better about this set is that I got time to play a game or two! WHO’LL TAKE THAT CHALLENGE?

Here’s the full 2nd Zelda Set Gallery!

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Here Comes a Crumbly Creep!

Remember the first time you were playing Super Mario 3 when you go into that first castle and there’s that jerk dead Koopa Troopa and you’re like, “how ’bout a boot in the face?” and then he falls to a heap and you feel better than you ever did, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR FIRE FLOWER? And then later you know better, but then your friend tells you there’s a warp whistle up there if you fly above the wall in that castle, so you get a leaf and whang that dead jerk Koopa and he falls to a heap, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR RACCOON TAIL?

Check out the full gallery of Dry Jerk here.

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A Fixture at Fizz Man Industries

When this hit Reddit, I think most people decided they didn’t like it based on two things: the board is pretty rinkadink compared to the pieces and I had the Queens on the wrong space (bunch of nerds!) While I still haven’t made a new board for the pieces, I did re-take some pictures to right the oh-so nitpicky wrong that was nerdily pointed out to me. Here’s a picture!

You can see the whole set of pictures from Zelda Chess here.

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Eet’s -a- girl! Luigi!

My life just got flip-turned upside down because good friend and me-supporter David Yoshimura put a picture of the Zelda set on Reddit. Either I take all of the laudation as ego fuel, or I go full-time with it and start my life as a sculptor! So when people say, “so Ben, what do you do?” I say, “I am a sculptor!” and, “are there any more of those finger-cakes?” because people usually ask those kinds of questions where finger-cakes are served. I suppose I could be telling people “I am a sculptor” even now, but it’s not my main source of income. Let’s hope the attention to my site continues it’s fever-pace, unabated, for at least the rest of this year. Fingers crossed, gentlemen!

Check out my newest piece, for a baby shower! Luigi celebrates the birth of Peach in a wonderful anachronistic scene! Heartwarming, and baffling!

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