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Interview and a New Sculpture!

I got a couple irons in the fire, no doubt about it– last week I take the Grand-Prize in the Game Informer Art Contest (still waitin’ on that free game, fellas!) and this week I’m featured on the awesome website They got a really nice interview together and they have it on their site right here! And when I say “right here” I don’t mean here, but rather if you click that link that it will take you to the “here”, which is there. It’s cool, and I like which images they went with. And all the images they put together, too! Someday I’ll be able to do stuff like that!

In other news, there’s a new sculpture on the block– It’s a Poe Collector from Zelda! He comes in right after Dry Bones, another spooky individual. I guess it’s the month of dudes with floating pupils in black spaces. Check out the FULL GALLERY!

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The Legend is True

So I spent three months putting a Zelda Chess set together, WHAT OF IT. Did you expect any less of me? Click that bit on the right to see so many pictures of all the characters. Each piece is unique, I didn’t replicate anything or use any molds. Boy, I sure kinda wish I had, though. Woulda saved some time!

I’m probably gonna get to take it for one test-drive before I send it away and never see it again… It’s a shame I’m terrible at chess, though.

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Zelda Chess Continued

Efforts continue to be made (by me) to finish Zelda chess. It’s getting close to being done (by me) but then it’s gotta be painted (I guess by me). I made a WIP gallery so you (not me) can see all the guys thus far. I think it’ll be my best chess set so far!

You can get to the Chess WIP gallery here.

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