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Abandon All Hope

It’s been awhile, folks! Some of you may have even noticed that I went back in time a bit and removed a Zoidberg statue post from the site. Where’d he go? Scuttled off, I guess!

Kat from Kat’s Anime Hats met up with me at the Philadelphia Too Many Games convention (which was more fun than Chuck E. Cheese’s on free token day) and she sent me photos of some sculptures she has that I did- the virus trio from Dr. Mario, which she positioned around her downstairs bathroom.

Isn’t that awesome? Makes me wanna wash my hands more than I already do, and I even bought that keyboard that washes your hands AS you type. If anybody else out there has photos of my statues adorning their house or otherwise, please send them to me and I’ll put them up on the site!

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The Gruesome Twosome Plus Onesome

Just another day before it’s a couple hours before it’s time to start up the Extra Lives show at Proximity! I want to thanks all the dudes who helped out with this show and took their time to generate a bunch of excellent material to show off with me. Sergio, Seth, Alex, Rick– thanks a ton, I will buy a drink for you to drink! Except for Seth, I will buy you a drink for me to drink!

The Dr. Mario viruses are “at it again” here with new uglified concept designs. I’ll be showing them at this here gallery. Better believe it! Here are the less exciting digital photo galleries, which are all well and good but not better than being nose-to nose:




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Yucky Funky

Here’s one of the first new projects I’m taking on for the Proximity Show at the end of this month. I’ve got a few other artists on board for a Gallery showing of some of my work, it should be loads of fun. Plus, I’ll bet there will be food, and possibly a clown! I can’t make any promises, not even that there will be any art there. But at least one clown.

I thought I would start off with some of my favorite varmints, the viruses from Super Doctor Mario Bros.! These guys are a real part of me because they were indeed some of the first characters I ever decided to sculpt, way back when all those years back ago. Ten years ago, or so. I “doctored” up their design, as you can see from these early Work in Progress shots– they look like they could use a “doctor”, you may go so far as to say! This first guy looks like he may be suffering from “hypertension”!

I plan on doing all three, but I haven’t decided yet if they should be a group or seperate pieces. I think they work seperately but a unifying piece makes more sense ’cause they’re rarely seen apart. Wellll I guess I gotta keep working. Anyway, tell me what you think and if they’re heinous enough, or NOT heinous enough or they remind you of those parts in Ren and Stimpy when they do close-ups of stuff. I think those bits really influenced my sculpting style.








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