I’m Done Sculpting

That's right, everybody. I've decided that after the over TEN years of sculpting, the success, the not-quite-failures-but-pretty-bads, the praise and accolades, and the busted eyeball blood vessels, I've decided to stop sculpting entirely for the day. It's just about 6:18 PM and I just can't do it … Continue reading

Level 7

I've been keeping you all on tenterhooks, Fizzlets (that's what you call yourselves, you who follow this blog) but for good reason- I know you've all been wondering what the "dirt" is on what I've been up to. Well, no use getting your hands full of "dirt" any longer, Fizzlings! Here's a shot of the … Continue reading

The Perfect Pull

We've done good to get the apartment liveable-- of big importance┬áto me is the area I get to sculpt. At first I was all like, "I just need a little table and the bookcase for all my paint and stuff" and so I got that set up. Then I realized I wasn't gonna have anywhere to put finished pieces, so I … Continue reading


When I was 11 I came across this advertisement in a video game magazine: It was a very important thing to have done, and also interesting to note that it was a time when a page in a magazine was quite possibly the only thing to convince me that I had to get $50 together for a video game (let … Continue reading