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Back in the Habit 2: Sisterin’ Around

Hi there.

Don’t worry about anything, ’cause the time has come for me to take up the mantle again and be a responsible sculptor. Honeymoon’s over and I got the itch to make a few new rude dudes.


Anne and I walked out on America for another run through Japan, as you may have pieced together- the idea was to stay for a longer stint this time around, but circumstances changed and we made the choice to retreat back to Cleveland. If you want a more detailed version of this story, read through our Japan blog. It’s NOT because of anything the Yakuza did, at all, those guys are always getting blamed and I want to put all of that RIGHT out of your mind. A completely non-Yakuza related departure from Japan (not even a threatening note pinned to a rotting cabbage on our door)

We got back completely unharmed and I wasted no time joining back up with The Monster Makers. They asked, “How did you escape the wrath of the Japanese mob?” and I carefully explained that there wasn’t any trouble with them, and that they pretty much ignored us actually. According to them I was putting on a brave face but in the absence of any threat, I don’t know about any kind of brave face. Perhaps stemming from a form of PTSD that follows absolutely no trauma or shocking event, I found solace in sculpting, as you can see here:

IMG_0019ain’t nobody gonna pardon these crimes

I’m really glad to be back doing these little treasures. Maybe someday we’ll make our way back to Japan, but for now we’re jamming our stakes in the rich Cleveland concrete. I’ve got a lot of fun to do at The Monster Makers, and Anne is getting her feet professionally calloused with Inlet Dance Theatre. We’re making our presence known on this side of the planet, so if you’re a Japanese gangster you officially MISSED YOUR CHANCE.

IMG_0021I saw a yakuza and this is what it looks like

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Can’t Stop Eating

Hi! Do you love blogs that start with the phrase, “I know it’s been a long time since I last posted…” because that’s the way I think I am about this blog!

So I went to Las Vegas and got married, and then came back to Cleveland to have a party with the family folks and friends. This is my excuse for being off and about for like two months. Super busy with party stuff, and not to mention me and Anne are moving back to JAPAN in two days (!) so not as much time to work on the sculptures.

That ain’t to say I was sitting on my thumbs, sir! No, I made my thumbs work the hardest in fact- get ahold of a load of this cake topper I made for the top of the cake that my mom made for our wedding reception!

I didn’t get any shots of the cake myself, so this one comes courtesy of Erin Seagraves. Thanks Erin! If any other shots of the full cake trickle down, I’ll toss those up, too. Sorry to everyone who has sent commission requests in the past few weeks, I’ve just kinda clammed up and haven’t replied. You can expect a response soon– unfortunately the answer’ll be no for awhile, since I’m moving. Rest assured though, I’ll be sculpting overseas with Monster Clay. Unfortunately that means no final products, just goofaround projects. Gotta keep sharp, though!

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There’s a new Hedgehog-themed Character in Town

I had a bit of time to work on a sculpture for Aaron Riddle, a wedding photographer from Virginia. He learned about my stuff I do from Curtiss who works on my site and keeps it so sheeny/shiny. Getting closer to getting married, though, is keeping me a little busy so I don’t know what my sculpting schedule will look like in the next few weeks. There are a few more pieces that gotta get put up and I’ll just be here gabbing about my fractured take on politics and civil discourse on Three and a Half Men’s best season.

It’s the FIFTH and disagreeers get rolled the hell DOWN 

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Abandon All Hope

It’s been awhile, folks! Some of you may have even noticed that I went back in time a bit and removed a Zoidberg statue post from the site. Where’d he go? Scuttled off, I guess!

Kat from Kat’s Anime Hats met up with me at the Philadelphia Too Many Games convention (which was more fun than Chuck E. Cheese’s on free token day) and she sent me photos of some sculptures she has that I did- the virus trio from Dr. Mario, which she positioned around her downstairs bathroom.

Isn’t that awesome? Makes me wanna wash my hands more than I already do, and I even bought that keyboard that washes your hands AS you type. If anybody else out there has photos of my statues adorning their house or otherwise, please send them to me and I’ll put them up on the site!

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Angles n’ Mangles

The new project is for Amber at Monster Makers, who saw the first Pyramid Head that I did and wanted me to make another one. I said “okay.” So I got to working on it lickety split. She didn’t say it out loud but I knew she wanted to say, “could you make this next one WAAAAY better?” and I said “yes.”

Though she hadn’t asked me anything. Made it weird to say okay, then pause, then “yes.” She didn’t say it out loud or anything, but I knew she wanted to say, “hey that was weird.”

Now I’m a bit of a ways through Pyramid Head version 2 out of Monster Clay and I’m liking what I see so far. The head’s pretty much done but the body has only been worked in once and his arms need… A little something more, I can’t quite figure out what, though.

Armless but not harmless


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Toy Store! Toy Store! Toy Store!

Tomorrow’s almost here, and when it is, I’ll be rolling up to the Grand Opening of Lakewood’s newest vinyl toy shop

Sleepy Robot 13

Come on down after 11 AM on 4/21 to get first dibs on all the brilliant blind boxes, exclusives and limited runs! AND the best selection of Sleepy Robots in one place by Lisastarchild Pinkston (the owner of the shop).  Not to mention a spot with some of my resin pieces for sale (Shy Guys and HAUNTS) and also a bunch of choice custom vinyls by Rick Sans.


While I’m there me and Rick are gonna work on a GIANT MUNNY together– there’s also going to be home-cooked refreshments, one thing of which is Anne’s famous dessert sushi, which is rice krispie snacks + swedish fish rolled up in Fruit by the Roll-Ups! Now I think about it, this is like 8 DAYS of fun things in all one day, so 1. show up and 2. BE READY

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Days’re getting warmer, and my docket’s getting fuller of things to work on- I need to get started working on some real crowd-stompers for the rapidly upcoming Too Many Games convention, plus there’s another Zelda Set to do and some other projects. Working up at Monster Makers has given me pause, though, because there are two incredibly good sculptors who work there and their skill and knowledge is simultaneously spurring and daunting. I’m lucky to be working with them because I get to steal their secrets, slowly/surely. I got a bunch of work done today which is awesome and I also realized, hey! Website’s got some dust on it! Blow it off, Ben! Here’s a guy I’m sure… Somebody will recognize! There’s not an abundance of pictures of this latest sculpture because they were lost in the Great Laptop Fry-Up of Early March.

“I own a Soulsweeper, it’s okay” 

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Guitar Solo

While the days may be fewer where I’ll sit down for 10 hours and sculpt/cast/paint, I can still manage to crank some things out! Today I’ll show you this one I made– it’s from the Video Game “Mega Man X” and it took me a little bit of time! That might be why I haven’t said anything for a couple of weeks, but it’s also because I’ve been busy up at The Monster Makers, and there were a couple of other commissions that I was tying up. I’d show off some pictures from those, but that brings up the other thing that made it so I didn’t post aything– the hard drive fried. Fried right on up. Or toasted. What it actually did I can’t say, because even technical professionals will use those euphamisms for it.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, sir, but it looks like your hard drive is fried.”

“Oh. So– what does that mean?”

“Well, at some point, it could have been while you weren’t at home, but the computer probably jumped up and swirled around in the frying pan. there’s not much we can do.”

In any case I lost a few photo sets of most recent sculptures, but I may yet be able to get some shots of them. Stay up late at night and see if I post them!

and look out behind you! 

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Make Mine Monster

Though I have no end of sculpting work in front of me with the impending shop showing up on ScrewAttack’s site and the list of commissions I still have to get to, I thought it’d be a good idea to suck up even more of my time by taking a position at The Monster Makers. It’s a company that deals in big barrels of chemicals and jugs of brown stuff, all of which can be mixed together to make masks, prosthetics and movie-grade makeup. It has been awesome being there and picking the brains of the dudes who work there because they’re all into it and are supremely good sculptors. It’s also great ’cause that’s where I pick up my resin and silicone, so it’s like I’m working for material! (But I’m actually working for money, because the gross income box on tax forms don’t let you put “a couple buckets of brown stuff” in)

Don’t forget about me, Ben. I got my eye on you.


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