Fizz Man Industries comes to you from Benjamin Howard. That’s me! My birthday is Christmas ’85, so you can use that to calculate my age at any time. How old’ll I be on November 15, 2022?

As you probably guessed, I love video games. Well, you’d be wrong. I don’t love video games as much as I love video game characters. This is why I use my hands to make these things. I do like some video games, and sometimes I scratch out some time to play them!

Most of these sculptures on this site are made out of a mixture of different polymer clays. I like Sculpey Firm and Super Sculpey. ALL of the sculptures on this site are painted with acrylics. Also, all of them were indeed made by me.

I’ve been sculpting pretty incessantly since I was about fourteen or fifteen, but I took a break for a year in 2009 to live in Chiba Prefecture in Japan with my then-girlfriend, Anne. We came back, got married, and I learned a lot at The Monster Makers about molding and casting. After another stint in Japan (this time in Osaka) I’m back at it with a vengeance and casting like mad. I still work in polymer clay when I do one-offs but I’d say the split is 80/20 between resin and clay, respectively.

I try to keep my life focused on sculpting and getting beter at it all the time, but over the years I’ve held these jobs in between:

Donut whisperer

Janitor’s aid

Retail Pawn

Retail Bishop


Master of Shirts

Fake Blood Technician

Tie Wearer

Bicycle Salesman. yes really. What, I can’t also know about bikes? SCREW you

Lumber Lad

Anne Howard

Anne’s the WIFE I was talking about in the above paragraph. I do all the sculpting, but that’s about as far as it goes. If anyone knew me or was around for MAGFest 4, they may remember my table—and how lousy it looked! I had no presentation materials, and NOTHING for packing material. (I gave people their sculptures in plastic bags!) Since then, Anne has worked with packaging and presentation to get the selling-end of my craft about a hundred times more professional. Now my tables are formidable.

She’s always there with me at the con tables talking up my stuff and helping me sell, and she has also come up with some real bonanzas for drumming up extra revenue. All in all, while I could be doing this alone, I couldn’t do it half as well without Anne!

Nowadays Anne is busier than anyone- she does Modern Dance with Inlet Dance Theatre most days. When she’s not there she’s at the 16-Bit Bar or she teaches at The Movement Factory. I never asked about it but I can only gather from the name that she teaches you how to poop.