WOOF ALL DAY guys. I don’t know how much time you’re supposed to spend making a website but for me it took all day, and frankly- not too much fun! Maybe it’d be more fun if I didn’t just do it once every year. What has happened to me since last we saw eachother here?

That’s about all of it, mas o menos. There’s quite a bit of figures to have a look at in the gallery these days, so make some time to peruse and read some information about each one of the figures that haven’t yet made it on the site yet, ranging from 2012 to today! It is NOT THAT HARD to update the gallery I found out today. Had some iced tea, had a little bagel bite (yes, a little one- they make even smaller bagel bites called bagel bite minis which, if you take a regular sized bagel, a bagel bite mini fits INSIDE the hole)

Whatever else happens today, there’s this. Hello. My things I do these days are cake toppers. Almost done with a cool Beetlejuice and Lydia, so I’ll show y’all some shots of that when I get done with it. Just came back from London where I hand-delivered a cake topper to my buddies Greg and Alice who got married over there. I was also invited to the wedding, so that was nice. I had the- lamb. This is them on top of their unnaturally enlargened dog, Wilfred.