Who’d get caught dead with stuffy old wood chessmen when you could be pushing these rad pieces around? I like Zelda okay, but I got a huge soft spot for classic Mega Man. With this chess set, I’m bound to become the next Harvey Kasparov. But wait, which piece does what? Here’s a breakdown:

King: Dr. Light
Queen: Mega Man
Bishops: Roll/ Kalinka
Knight: Rush
Rook: Beat
Pawn: Eddie

King: Dr. Wily
Queen: Bass
Bishops: Sniper Joe/Hammer Joe
Knight: Treble
Rook: Batton
Pawn: Metool

So, in previous chesses, I was a stickler for the Queen to be a female. Not so with this project: I thought it worked too well for Mega and Bass to be “Queens” so they could tear up the board against each other.