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Next project was a radical dude from Hatman & Indigo, a truly unique webcomic where all the dialogue is audio. It’s a really cool concept! Jason Kuder, the creator of the comic got in touch with me and is interested in putting together the full line of characters, maybe with an eye on distributing them amongst the fans. I made this one for his brother specifically, but he’s gonna gauge the reaction to see if he wants to do a mold of this or subsequent designs.

This is an interesting idea for later– I should go around to other webcomic creators who maybe haven’t had this idea on their own– who wouldn’t want a 3D figure of their characters? And who are they to deny me the opportunity to make it for them? Why would they turn that down? I think that’s a little rude, just turn me down like that. Screw them, I got enough on my plate as it is!

Anyway, Jason blogged about this rascal here. And I put up more shots of him here!

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