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ToeJam & Earl Diptych

Sculpted 2006

The game that defined my childhood and is likely responsible for the understanding of my purpose on this planet, which is to walk around and get presents every so often.

There’s Earl unwrapping what’ll no doubt be something good; this is, of course, because it is obvious that Earl just paid off the Carrot Man in the back to tell him what’s inside there. However, judging by the Carrot’s skeptical looking on, it’s possible that he himself is not entirely convinced of his own genious. Personally I bet it’s rose bushes. It’s ALWAYS rose bushes.

There’s the other side of the sculpture, the bit featuring ToeJam and the homicidal mailbox that hounds him perpetually. I was lucky that TJ’s got three legs, which allows for him to have a good motionless running position, with a good connection to the base.

The sculptures fit together! Just like in the game! Have you figured out yet that I kind of know what I’m doing?

Toe Jam & Earl are © Johnson Voorsanger Productions. (more…)

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