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Fizz Man character image


Sculpted 2013

Klaaaaymen! A really fine representation of my fave VG character in his signature “Drunken Sailor” pose, as has been intimated to me by none other than Mike Dietz. This was done as a portfolio piece to show off my chops as a maquette artist for when the Pencil Test crew were looking for artistic talent for Armikrog. Alas, I was too far away to be of any use!

Klaymen is © Dreamworks Interactive I think

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Willie Trombone

Sculpted 2008

The Neverhood is what got me into sculpting. It defined my life for a little while. This is a scene ripped straight out of the game, and if you know it, I hope you’ll note the accuracy. I normally take a glaze to all my pieces at the end, ’cause it gives it an extra protective layer and it also makes it look just great, but since Willie is actually MADE of klay, he’s been coated in a matte finish which, incidentally, also makes things a bit shinier than they previously were.

Willie Trombone is © Doug TenNapel (more…)

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