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Zelda Chess

Sculpted 2011

I took some time to build up a chess set, but with a little twist– all of the pieces, instead of the normal pieces have been switched to popular (and some not so popular) characters from the The Legend of Zelda games! Here’s the new way to play–

King: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
Queen: Princess Zelda
Bishops: Zoras
Knights: Links
Rooks: Gorons
Pawns: Deku Sprites

King: Ganondorf
Queen: Veran
Bishops: Wizzrobes
Knights: Moblins
Rooks: Octoroks
Pawns: Chu Jellies

So don’t wait! Get a set while supplies last!

Oop! Too Late!

Zelda characters are © Nintendo.

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Poe Collector

Sculpted 2011

I looked through the art for this guy, of which I can say there is scanty, and got some inspiration from a couple of fan-art designs. This is one of the first times I’ve sculpted bare feet, and I think I can say that I did a pretty good job with them. The Poe Collector is usually portrayed sitting aloof, so this piece is best displayed up on a mantle or other place where it will scare you from time to time and be highly susceptible to cat attacks. 

Poe Collector is © Nintendo.

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