Fizz Man Industries

Fizz Man character image

Samus Aran

Sculpted 2014

A commission of the legendary bounty huntress Samus Aran! Make way, she may be saying at this moment, for me! This is one of my last gamer-specific one off sculpts done in Sculpey. Too bad I didn’t mold it, because it turned out pretty good!

Samus is © Nintendo

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Kraid V.2

Sculpted 2011

Look out for more Kraid than you ever imagined! Now he’s on my cabinet—he’s about 15 inches tall, and we joke about the fact that he’s big enough to where you could imagine him as a living thing, scrabbling around the kitchen floor and mauling anything at knee-level. Actually, it’s less joking we do about it, and more honest worrying that maybe that happens while we’re asleep.

Kraid is © Nintendo. (more…)

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