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Ninji and Monty Mole

Sculpted 2013

Around the time I started up doing resin casts, I also started reading a lot of the Super Mario manga books- they have a lot of love for the lesser characters including Ninji and Monty here, so I got a little sculpt of them dashed off with a few colorways.

Ninji and Monty are © Nintendo


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Mario and Yoshi

Sculpted 2007

What a heartwarming scene! It also raises some questions as to what was actually going on here. Check out the photo with the good angle of Mario’s chopping action, right in the poor dino’s neck. This may have been the time that it causes irreparable damage to his nervous system, hence the crossed eyes.

Mario and Yoshi are © Nintendo. (more…)

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Papa Yoshi

Sculpted 2008

This piece was originally going to go to MAGFest 7, but it worked out that my brother’s girlfriend’s brother’s birthday was coming up, and he had just had a baby. So it became a present for him! It’s cute on three different levels, at least.

Yoshi is © Nintendo. (more…)

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The Koopa Clan

Sculpted 2006

One of my more ambitious sculptures, of which I wish I had taken better photos, is the entire Koopa Clan. We have Bowser in the clown car, which has just sustained heavy damage, which is why it is thusly being carried by the six Koopa Kids while being led ceremoniously by Wendy O. up front. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in this sculpture.

The Koopa Clan is © Nintendo. (more…)

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