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マリオ と バウザー

Sculpted 2011

Here’s a classic scene, The Super Mario Brother named “Mario” squared off as always against his arch nemesis, Bowser. Here’s the twist- they’re depicted in the style of Japanese Samurai/Nature print. Mario is in full Samurai Armor, carrying the banner of his home-fief, which says “Kinoko Oukoku” for Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is grappling a craggy mountain and has been sculpted as a Japanese Demon, or Oni. I tried to temper both styles so it was obvious that it was a Japanese scene, but it is still those characters. How’d I do?

Mario and Bowser are © Nintendo.

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Holiday Times for Birdo and Yoshi

Sculpted 2015

Birdo and Yoshi dun got tangled up in a cute christmas scarf you guys!!!! This was a xmas commish for my favorite DC family, Erin and Ricky Seagraves. Ricky wanted a surprise for his sweetie cake, and I had a few reference images to choose from, and here was the runner up!

ALSO this is a tree ornament, doiiii

Yoshi and Birdo are © Nintendo. Scarf is © wool

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Big Boy Mario

Sculpted 2015

OOO a mashup! Big Boy and The Super Mario Brother together again! This may be a regional thing, but Big Boy is a morbidly obese child who has enough natural strength to hold a hamburger larger than his own head. Here Mario is aping this awful behavior, to somewhat enthusiastic acclaim, including “why doesn’t he have a hat?” and “oh that’s so clever! Can I take a picture of it then walk away?”

Mario is © Nintendo and Big Boy is © Bob

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Luigi & Baby Peach

Sculpted 2011

This piece came together for a Baby Shower. The sculpture was a gift for the guy, who usually plays as Luigi in the myriad Mario games where you have selectable players. And as it happens, the baby is a girl. This may be the cutest thing I ever sculpted, but also the most accurate. I was especially proud of Luigi’s head, which is almost perfect Nintendo style! Gimme a job, Nintendo!

Luigi and Baby Peach are © Nintendo.

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Band of Bros.

Sculpted 2010

I’ll have the idea for a sculpture in my head, and once I put it together it’ll look more or less what I had in mind. With these bad boys, though, I’ll tell you—what you see here is pretty much exactly what was in my brain. These are all the jerks from Mario 3, and they’ll be damned if you’re gonna take their music box.

The Bros. are © Nintendo. (more…)

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Buzzy Beetle

Sculpted 2010

I really liked the artwork for New Super Mario Bros., especially the Buzzy Beetle image that came out, so I whipped one up. Even though he’s in like, every Mario game, you never see any merch for him. How come is that?

Buzzy Beetle is © Nintendo. (more…)

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Shy Guys

Sculpted 2006-2010

Bob-Ombs and Shy Guys are my most often-sculpted subject. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite Shy Guys I’ve done. There’s Shy Guys of all colors, a Fly Guy, some Jungle Guys from Paper Mario and even the Mailman Guy from… I think Mario Party 7. Cute but also slightly disturbing is the allure of these guys, I think.

Shy Guys are © Nintendo. (more…)

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Cheep Cheep

Sculpted 2008

Cheep Cheep Cheep’s the name of this sculpture. I made this one right around the time I refined the way I prime my sculptures, so I always like to note how popping the colors are on this guy. And then I calm down and move on.

Cheep Cheep is © Nintendo. (more…)

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