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Kuribo’s Shoe Pencil Holder

Sculpted 2015

I don’t want to tell you WHAT to HOLD in your pencil holder, but by law at least one pencil must be contained in this marvelous Kuribo’s Shoe pencil holder. Holds ’em and holds ’em allllll day long, my friends and neighbors. I saw someone put a teacup poodle in one of these babies, and wouldn’t you know it- the dog was injured by the one contractually obligated pencil that was also in the Kuribo’s Shoe Pencil. Holder. Very sad.

Kuribo’s Shoe is © Nintendo

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Dry Bones

Sculpted 2011

Here’s another classic Mario Bros. varmint. He’s got his mitts on one of those Koopa shells and he’s doing a little carving himself on it! Wouldn’t it be cool if I made him detachable, and put magnets on the ends of his parts so that if they got close enough together they would reattach all by themselves? I bet though that the wrong pieces would go in places because magnets usually don’t know what they’re doing. Is this not a good idea? Maybe later.

Dry Bones is © Nintendo.

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Tanuki Mario

Sculpted 2006

I didn’t know for a long time that he turns into a statue with down and B. I just thought they put the Tanuki in because they thought I was sick of looking at Raccoon Mario (which I totally was). I sculpted this at a time when I was interested in making things that looked impossible. Even now I look at it and I’m amazed it doesn’t tip over!

Tanuki Mario is © Nintendo. (more…)

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