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Pyramid Head V.2

Sculpted 2012

I revamped the Pyramid Head sculpture to try out a few things- to make a more complicated mold, to do a figure in more than one piece, to use putty in post-casting work, and to cast something with bronze powder. All those things culminated in this rad daddy- a 10″ Pyramid Head. I did him with two different (though not interchangeable) arms- one with knife, one without. I still can’t say which I like better, ’cause there’s the one that’s like “OH NAW DUDE’S GOT A KNIFE” and but then there’s “AW NO WHAT’D HE STAB THE KNIFE INTO AND NOW IT’S GONE”

Pyramid Head is © Konami.

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Pyramid Head

Sculpted 2006

Y’know, I see a lot of Pyramid Head figures (and other customs) showing up on ebay and they try to sell them for upwards of a hundred bucks, but you read it and you find out that the artist used, like a Spawn action figure and re-painted it and plopped a head-piece on it. Wouldn’t you feel cheated if you paid for that and got it in the mail? Who do these people think they are?

I would never do that. This, of course, is a repaint of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Pyramid Head is © Konami. (more…)

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