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Professor Layton and the Chess. Game.

Sculpted 2014

This commission kept me busy from February all through to about May, so chalk that up to where I was instead of keeping up with the site! Check it out, and also admire the fine woodmanship on that chess board too! Who’s got two thumbs and can make his own chessboard without losing any thumbs? This guy!

Professor Layton and the Unending Game Series is © Level-5.

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My Wife

Sculpted 2012

So I got a call to make this guy from the popular existing series of fan-made Professor Layton and the Malignant Growth cartoons. In them Professor Layton finds out he’s got some bad cancer, or something. I can’t say much of he plot because I have so far only watched the one with this character in it, known only as “My Wife” by his nametag. Check out the cartoons, they’re* funny!

*the one is, at least. Again, didn’t watch the other ones.

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Layton and Luke

Sculpted 2012

A lot of times, the things I decide to sculpt are the things I am currently playing. Anne and I started Professor Layton when we were in Japan and couldn’t sleep at the guest house because there was a dog that sounded suspiciously like a chicken right outside our window. It’s a good game to play while trying to go to sleep, and an even BETTER game to play with someone else. We picked back up with the second one recently so I just had to make a sculpture because I was thinking about the characters. Here we’ve got the duo correctly answering puzzles. My next Layton sculpture will be one of both of their INCORRECT poses.

Layton and Luke are © Level-5.

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