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Fizz Man character image

Samus Aran

Sculpted 2014

A commission of the legendary bounty huntress Samus Aran! Make way, she may be saying at this moment, for me! This is one of my last gamer-specific one off sculpts done in Sculpey. Too bad I didn’t mold it, because it turned out pretty good!

Samus is © Nintendo

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Sculpted 2012

I avoided this project for a long time despite several appeals to tackle the character– I never played too much Metroid and I always figured Samus to be too symmetrical/angular for my style, which finds best results when I can play with the shapes and proportions. But when I got the call to make her, I hunkered down and was surprised to find out how the angles and symmetricacies were really fun to do! Almost like I could take my brain of the hook ’cause there isn’t a lot of wiggle room in the design. Anyway, here she is.

Samus is © Nintendo.

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