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Wily’s Worst – Magnet Man

Sculpted 2016

The shower is for more than just scrubbing peanut butter off your legs- it’s also where you can have some pretty good ideas! One of those ideas was for this series of classic Mega Man baddies wherein they are shown having what some’d call an “off day” but what robots would call a “camputer glatch”!

Wily’s Worst #1: Magnet Man!

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Proto Man Version 2

Sculpted 2016

Biiiiig gnarly Proto Man figure. About 3 times bigger than the first one I did back in fourth grade or whatever. There’s no other style that I like better than the original Mega Man stuff, and I have done a few colossal Robot Masters- Skull Man, Flash Man and Metal Man. Also I did a few versions of Mega Man sitting at about a foot each. Proto Man is the first resin cast giant Mega Man figure and his heft and bulk could really knock a full grown man out if you get him in just the right spot!

Proto Man is © Capcom

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Snake Man

Sculpted 2006

I wish I had taken more pictures of this schnook before I sold him off, ’cause I really like him. I worked pretty hard to get a spooky glare on him, and I think I got it down. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I got really shows it off. Oh well. As you can see, he’s got search snakes crawling all about him. I imagine he is conscious of the fright factor that this deals to his foes, but he probably thinks it’s incredibly icky, too.

Snake Man is © Capcom. (more…)

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Shadow Man

Sculpted 2006

One of the hippest Robot Masters, and a real blast to sculpt. Unfortunately, he never got sold, and when he came back from Fusion ’06 a good portion of his paint job got ripped clean off! That was the last time I packed my sculptures in plastic bags. Does that seem like an obviously bad idea to anyone else? It didn’t to me at the time.

Shadow Man is © Capcom. (more…)

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