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Fighter Kirby and Waddle Dee

Sculpted 2012

As simple as Kirby’s design is, he is a fun character to sculpt now, because I like to play with movement in his sculptures- being a big puffball there’s more points of contact I can use to make him jumping or slamming into the ground as we see on this one. This’ll also be the first Waddle Dee I ever did. Poor guy!

Kirby is © Nintendo.

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Chef Kirby

Sculpted 2006 and 2008

There are two different iterations of Chef Kirby here. The one with the black background is newer (2008) and smaller. In the older one (2006), he made a breakfast! That fake breakfast was so terrific looking I had to make a more edible version after I finished painting.

Kirby is © Nintendo. (more…)

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Hammer Kirby

Sculpted 2010

Trying to incorporate more movement in these sculptures. I like this one for that quality, that I got a pretty good handle on the clobbering involved. You kind of have to suspend your belief that his mushy nub-arms could smash through that floor, though.

Kirby is © Nintendo. (more…)

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