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Fizz Man character image

The King of All Cosmos, Version 1 and 2

Sculpted 2006 and 2015

A thrilling bust! I think this piece really captures his character. I can only assume he is still sitting atop Ben Lathan’s mantel, scowling and generally disapproving of everything he does.

UPDATE 8/16: A second version has been entered in, of the ol’ King having a sultry loungeabout.

The King is © Namco. (more…)

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Rollin’ Prince

Sculpted 2013

A quick little commission of the Katamari Prince doing what he does best- pushing a dumb weird ball to no real purpose. What is life? Check in with this figurine and be assured, it is a Sisyphusian nightmare!

Prince is © Namco

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Katamari Resin Variants

Sculpted 2012

In the same vein as Mega Man, I wanted a base Katamari cousin to do different variants, but of course you’re limited to the cousins who have this body shape. There’s a quite a few who fit the bill, so here’s what I’ve done so far.

Katamari Damacy is © Namco.


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Sculpted 2011

It’s Johnson, the one whose face got flipped onto the side of his head! The gene pool must have been pretty shallow for some of these cousins. He’s got something in his sights, and he’s pointing up at it. He also might be screaming in horror, too but I can’t tell.

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Sculpted 2010

This was a birthday present to and an original concept from Rachel Peterson, my brother’s girlfriend. It was a blast putting it together and finding appropriate junk to stick onto the ball to make it look like a for-real Katamari!

Katamari Cousins are © Namco. (more…)

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