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Fizz Man character image

Vault Boy

Sculpted 2015

I didn’t know Fallout 4 was gonna drop when I started to sculpt this little fart, all I knew is I thought it’d be neat to have a little Vault Boy figure after doing so much work in Fallout 3 trying to track those silly bobblers down. Another example of putting time into a figure that now is suuuuuper heavily merchandised, but I still like how this figure looks compared to the official sculpts that are out there. I think this one looks the most like the in-game version of the character out of all the figures that are out there. And you can TRUST that I have done my research on this, folks. WOW. Also, there’s two flavors here if you didn’t catch it (one’s a winker and one’s a stinker) also, speaking of research, did you knowwwww that he’s thumbing up because he is measuring a pool he’s having installed in his backyard?

Vault Boy is © Bethesda

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