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Dr Mario Viruses

Sculpted 2016

Hey remember these guys? Don’t know if you knew this but I looooove to sculpt these little freaks. These I got done at maybe the, hopefully the worst convention I ever had a table at. Such a slow artist alley that I successfully sculpted all three of these jerks over the course of a three day con. Fever Weird and Chill, you know the f************kin drill

Dr Mario Viruses are © Nintendo

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Sculpted 2011

As you probably guessed at this point, I can’t get enough of these stinkers. Fever’s fun because he seems to be solely interested in being gross, so I played up on that. His pill-base is slowly deteriorating into some kind of mossy mess, to boot!

Fever is © Nintendo.

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Sculpted 2010

These stinkers are some of my favorite things to sculpt. Their base here consists of three pills, and since there’s three yellow segments in contact with Weird, he’s pretty well screwed. The others don’t seem to give much of a damn, and keep on doing their eternal jig in your bloodstream.

Viruses are © Nintendo. (more…)

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Virus Totem

Sculpted 2006

The blue virus was my very first official sculpture I ever did, aside from screw-around stuff that wasn’t anything to write about. This sculpture was an engineering anomaly, in that it really shouldn’t have worked, especially because I did no real calculations or weight distribution tests, but it stands perfectly. I tried to have them doing the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil gag, though Chill’s hands fell down a bit while curing so it looks like he’s peeking. Which is good too! And Fever is of course just razzing, while Weird is the only one doing what he’s supposed to be doing, which is weird.

Viruses are © Nintendo. (more…)

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