I’ve been keeping you all on tenterhooks, Fizzlets (that’s what you call yourselves, you who follow this blog) but for good reason- I know you’ve all been wondering what the “dirt” is on what I’ve been up to. Well, no use getting your hands full of “dirt” any longer, Fizzlings! Here’s a shot of the progress so far- not the best resolution from the phone, but it tells the story of not a small amount of casting work-

It’s a cavalcade of halfway-done work. A lot of it is at Level 7 of the process. 3 more levels to go and they’re ready to go in people’s pockets! Most is stuff I’m working on to get ready for MAGFest 12, Though I submitted my request like a week ago and nothing back. Do you think maybe I’ve been blackballed because of my shines/jinx? It’s likely.

I even pulled out most of my done stuff to show Phil Hoyt so he could pick what he wanted for his upcoming show at Breakneck Gallery in Lakewood:

Theoretically, you should be able to click that banner and it’ll take you to the facebook. Have heart, out-of-town Fizzkins- I’ll be traveling also with my petites in the next few months, even as far as


See something small and blurry that you like on that table? I’ll keep up with where I’ll be in the upcoming months so you can get your dirty hands on ’em.