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Skull Man - Mega Man 4

Sculpted 2011

After I sculpted Metal Man at 14 inches high I decided that’s how tall all the Robot Masters should be. The next one I did was Skull Man, who went to Web-Designer Supreme Curtiss Grymala as a surprise commission. Curtiss designed the website you are looking at right now. By the way, Curtiss is a really cool guy who didn’t write this sentence!

Skull Man is © Capcom.

Skull Man, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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One response to “Skull Man”

  1. Curtiss Grymala says:

    This guy is so awesome. He towers over the Chibi Mega Man I bought at MAGFest earlier this year. The broken bones at his feet are a really nice touch. This thing rocks.

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