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マリオ と バウザー - Super Mario Bros.

Sculpted 2011

Here’s a classic scene, The Super Mario Brother named “Mario” squared off as always against his arch nemesis, Bowser. Here’s the twist- they’re depicted in the style of Japanese Samurai/Nature print. Mario is in full Samurai Armor, carrying the banner of his home-fief, which says “Kinoko Oukoku” for Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is grappling a craggy mountain and has been sculpted as a Japanese Demon, or Oni. I tried to temper both styles so it was obvious that it was a Japanese scene, but it is still those characters. How’d I do?

Mario and Bowser are © Nintendo.

マリオ と バウザー, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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