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They’s in Your Blood =)

The bad boys will be giving you the eyeball at Proximity Gallery on September 30th. I’ve got 20 more days to put together some dynamite stuff for this show! Would I even be able to make dynamite by then, should everything go horribly wrong? NO TIME!

I set up the old Zelda Chess WIP Gallery to be the new Works in Progress Lounge. It’s as¬†comfortable as a group of gray/ shiny gray sculptures can feel, all together. I’m going out on a limb if people even want to see half-finished stuff. If they’re anything like me, at this point of the process, they’re sick and tired of looking at them!

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Yucky Funky

Here’s one of the first new projects I’m taking on for the Proximity Show at the end of this month. I’ve got a few other artists on board for a Gallery showing of some of my work, it should be loads of fun. Plus, I’ll bet there will be food, and possibly a clown! I can’t make any promises, not even that there will be any art there. But at least one clown.

I thought I would start off with some of my favorite varmints, the viruses from Super Doctor Mario Bros.! These guys are a real part of me because they were indeed some of the first characters I ever decided to sculpt, way back when all those years back ago. Ten years ago, or so. I “doctored” up their design, as you can see from these early Work in Progress shots– they look like they could use a “doctor”, you may go so far as to say! This first guy looks like he may be suffering from “hypertension”!

I plan on doing all three, but I haven’t decided yet if they should be a group or seperate pieces. I think they work seperately but a unifying piece makes more sense ’cause they’re rarely seen apart. Wellll I guess I gotta keep working. Anyway, tell me what you think and if they’re heinous enough, or NOT heinous enough or they remind you of those parts in Ren and Stimpy when they do close-ups of stuff. I think those bits really influenced my sculpting style.








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Zelda Chess Continued

Efforts continue to be made (by me) to finish Zelda chess. It’s getting close to being done (by me) but then it’s gotta be painted (I guess by me). I made a WIP gallery so you (not me) can see all the guys thus far. I think it’ll be my best chess set so far!

You can get to the Chess WIP gallery here.

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It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

Here’s a picture of what I’ve been working on lately– it’s a commission set of chess pieces for a Zelda-themed chess set. The guy who commissioned it has been asking me to crank this out for years now, but I’ve only deferred the project for lack of a female antagonist to fill the role of “Evil Queen”. All the other pieces came pretty easily, but the Evil Queen was the one that always put a stop to the project. I can’t make that excuse anymore, ’cause the guy found one? Can you figure out who she is? (hint: she ain’t in the picture over there, I haven’t made her yet.)

As you can imagine, this is a whopper of an undertaking, and it’s taken up my whole sculpting schedule. When it’s done, I can’t wait to play at least one game and lose terribly before I pack it up and ship it away!

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