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Hello, lucky sir or madam! You’ve no doubt come here on a misguided whim that maybe, just maybe, Fizz Man Industries has been updated. Did you perhaps see this magnficent new site in a fever-dream and decided to check? Maybe you accidentally clicked here as you were cleaning out your old “favorites” folder from when you used to use Netscape Navigator. For whatever reason, welcome. Be aware, this new layout is full of surprises, and most of them are: delightful!

I am now also on Twitter, under the handle FizzIndustries. Be shameless and follow me! I will Twert about all kinds of news– except the news about the famous people. I think they get enough attention, am I right?!

I’d like to thank Curtiss Grymala for putting this site together from the various scraps I suggested to him. I can’t believe how unbelievable a job he did. 

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