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Slackin’ Around Again

I woke up and felt a strange sensation that I was forgetting something today. I went downstairs and into the kitchen and forgot why I went in there, so I went out and went back in but couldn’t get a handle on it. Then I went back up the stairs, but miscalculated the number of steps so I did that thing where you feel like you know you can fly but have forgotten how to. THEN I REMEMBERED: I need to build a new stair-step.

THEN I REMEMBERED: That wasn’t what I forgot to do. ScrewAttack reminded me though, that I said on camera that if you go to my site there would be a Flash Man sculpture ready for viewing. Well, I rushed back downstairs to where my computer used to be, but I forgot that I sold it for a novelty corncob cellphone. So now I’m at the library and feverishly posting this so that I’m not made out to be a liar! So, check it out, ScrewAttackers!

Or are ScrewAttack patrons ScrewVictims?

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Community Chest

I saw that somebody’s comment said something about how they had to check out the site from seeing my work in Nintendo Power— I knew I was gonna have a story in there, but I didn’t know which one. So Anne and I dashed off to the Magazinery and picked up a copy. Lo (and behold) there was this in the “Community” section of the newest issue!


I’m pretty excited about it. So excited that I won’t think about it from here on in because I gotta keep working on the next thing that’ll find its way into these publications. In the meantime, there are some new pieces in the WIP Lounge, old and new. You’ll can’t wait to see them finished!

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Interview and a New Sculpture!

I got a couple irons in the fire, no doubt about it– last week I take the Grand-Prize in the Game Informer Art Contest (still waitin’ on that free game, fellas!) and this week I’m featured on the awesome website They got a really nice interview together and they have it on their site right here! And when I say “right here” I don’t mean here, but rather if you click that link that it will take you to the “here”, which is there. It’s cool, and I like which images they went with. And all the images they put together, too! Someday I’ll be able to do stuff like that!

In other news, there’s a new sculpture on the block– It’s a Poe Collector from Zelda! He comes in right after Dry Bones, another spooky individual. I guess it’s the month of dudes with floating pupils in black spaces. Check out the FULL GALLERY!

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And the Day is Mine!

Hey, check out the newest issue of Game Informer Magazine! A couple of months ago I whipped up a Maskless Shy Guy and sent it to them. If you want to get a shot at the big prizes, you actually have to send them some art, not just a picture of it. Oh well, it was worth it! I can’t wait to see what I won!

Other spots I’ll be showing up in sooner or later– Nintendo Power and N-Europe Online. I’ll notify when my presence has been confirmed in those outlets. BIG TIME.

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