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If you can believe it, I made a sculpture

Gotta keep moving after Los Angeles and the Proximity Show. I got a call to put together this tidy little character– can you guess what he is or is doing? I can’t. But I will lay my life down for his right to be it! (and do it!)

Beyond these projects, I’m getting my next big release ready. With the Zelda set behind me (and the press of it being well and truly milked) it’s time to get the next set out. Though I don’t want to be considered a one-trick pony, I don’t much care– the subject matter of this next chess set is something a lot closer to my heart than Zelda, for sure. I won’t say just yet what it is (and some of you already know) but I promise it’ll be 1) better than that other one and 2) playable with standard chess rules. LET THE RUMOR MILL BEGIN!

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DesignerCon and a New Dude!

I’ve been bad at posting lately because I’ve been slammed with getting ready for the big DesignerCon in Pasadena this weekend. I’m trying to get together as many figures as possible and the process is daunting! I’ve never been so daunted!

Here’s a shot of the table with most of the pieces I’ve turned out. I’m successfully getting resin casts of Haunts made, and now I’m under the thunder trying to get the little twerps painted.

While I’ve been working on these the Proximity Show has been up and torn down, with some tidy sales from that! Amid the fervor to get all these ghosts taken care of I managed to work up a Spyro the Dragon for someone who took a liking to my stuff at the gallery.

Tonight’s Halloween! All year I was ready to get messed up as Beetlejuice (particularly the version where he is dressed as Alec Baldwin in the graveyard) but I’ve been, as previously stated, daunted. Now the plan is to dress up as 1) a burrito for a free chipotle burrito 2) a can of paint for a free can of paint 3) a book for a free library book. Really I’m just going to dress up as the errands I have to do today.

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The Gruesome Twosome Plus Onesome

Just another day before it’s a couple hours before it’s time to start up the Extra Lives show at Proximity! I want to thanks all the dudes who helped out with this show and took their time to generate a bunch of excellent material to show off with me. Sergio, Seth, Alex, Rick– thanks a ton, I will buy a drink for you to drink! Except for Seth, I will buy you a drink for me to drink!

The Dr. Mario viruses are “at it again” here with new uglified concept designs. I’ll be showing them at this here gallery. Better believe it! Here are the less exciting digital photo galleries, which are all well and good but not better than being nose-to nose:




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Hey Dudes, Check it Out! We’re in “Shogun”!

It’s been a minute since I brought something new to the site, and it ain’t because I’m sitting back with frilled drinks, twiddling my fingers and sipping on the drinks alternately. NO– it’s more because I’ve been incredibly busy putting together my collection of pieces for the upcoming EXTRA LIVES show at PROXIMITY GALLERY.

The show will feature the works of such Cleveland talents as Seth Bittner, Alex Cantrell, Rick Sans, and Sergio Andujar II. And me. Opening night is just a week away on Friday October 7th. It’s short notice but if you can read this, you can’t back down now! Get to Cleveland and feast your eyes on THIS PRIZE: Mario vs. Bowser in Feudal Japan. I had the idea about a month ago and the translation from my head to reality is pretty exciting.

These pictures are all well and good but I can make one promise: if you see it in person at Proximity next week, the real deal will blow whatever mind you decide to bring with you. Bring a spare.

Look-see at the full gallery by clicking this little guy.

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Next project was a radical dude from Hatman & Indigo, a truly unique webcomic where all the dialogue is audio. It’s a really cool concept! Jason Kuder, the creator of the comic got in touch with me and is interested in putting together the full line of characters, maybe with an eye on distributing them amongst the fans. I made this one for his brother specifically, but he’s gonna gauge the reaction to see if he wants to do a mold of this or subsequent designs.

This is an interesting idea for later– I should go around to other webcomic creators who maybe haven’t had this idea on their own– who wouldn’t want a 3D figure of their characters? And who are they to deny me the opportunity to make it for them? Why would they turn that down? I think that’s a little rude, just turn me down like that. Screw them, I got enough on my plate as it is!

Anyway, Jason blogged about this rascal here. And I put up more shots of him here!

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Cutie Beastie

I got a project from Sergio Andujar II of SansOceana– we’re gonna try to make molds of this one, and the Catzilla that Rick Sans designed and I sculpted.

I’m gearing up to head to DesignerCon in November, which is held every year in Pasadena. I want to design a couple of Brontosuarezzes and “Haunts”- floating Pac Man-esque ghosts which teeter on horrible but are cute enough to be endearing, like I like to do. Between a show I have coming up of originals and MAGFest, it’s shapin’ up to be a crazy year for old Ben Howard! Look out! For him! Who is me!

Here’s the full gallery of this Creeper.

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Interview and a New Sculpture!

I got a couple irons in the fire, no doubt about it– last week I take the Grand-Prize in the Game Informer Art Contest (still waitin’ on that free game, fellas!) and this week I’m featured on the awesome website They got a really nice interview together and they have it on their site right here! And when I say “right here” I don’t mean here, but rather if you click that link that it will take you to the “here”, which is there. It’s cool, and I like which images they went with. And all the images they put together, too! Someday I’ll be able to do stuff like that!

In other news, there’s a new sculpture on the block– It’s a Poe Collector from Zelda! He comes in right after Dry Bones, another spooky individual. I guess it’s the month of dudes with floating pupils in black spaces. Check out the FULL GALLERY!

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Here Comes a Crumbly Creep!

Remember the first time you were playing Super Mario 3 when you go into that first castle and there’s that jerk dead Koopa Troopa and you’re like, “how ’bout a boot in the face?” and then he falls to a heap and you feel better than you ever did, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR FIRE FLOWER? And then later you know better, but then your friend tells you there’s a warp whistle up there if you fly above the wall in that castle, so you get a leaf and whang that dead jerk Koopa and he falls to a heap, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR RACCOON TAIL?

Check out the full gallery of Dry Jerk here.

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Into Indie Toy Time

There’s these toys that people make by themselves, and I want in! The first one I made isn’t one of my own designs– rather, it’s the brain-grand-child of Indie artist Rick Sans. He sent me some blueprints and I cobbled something together, which you can see on the right. I’m already channeling some rad ghosts and dinosaurs in my head, which’ll hopefully turn into a couple of successful figures down the line, and hopefully in time for the DesignCon in November! Be ready!

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