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Guitar Solo

While the days may be fewer where I’ll sit down for 10 hours and sculpt/cast/paint, I can still manage to crank some things out! Today I’ll show you this one I made– it’s from the Video Game “Mega Man X” and it took me a little bit of time! That might be why I haven’t said anything for a couple of weeks, but it’s also because I’ve been busy up at The Monster Makers, and there were a couple of other commissions that I was tying up. I’d show off some pictures from those, but that brings up the other thing that made it so I didn’t post aything– the hard drive fried. Fried right on up. Or toasted. What it actually did I can’t say, because even technical professionals will use those euphamisms for it.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, sir, but it looks like your hard drive is fried.”

“Oh. So– what does that mean?”

“Well, at some point, it could have been while you weren’t at home, but the computer probably jumped up and swirled around in the frying pan. there’s not much we can do.”

In any case I lost a few photo sets of most recent sculptures, but I may yet be able to get some shots of them. Stay up late at night and see if I post them!

and look out behind you! 

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Make Mine Monster

Though I have no end of sculpting work in front of me with the impending shop showing up on ScrewAttack’s site and the list of commissions I still have to get to, I thought it’d be a good idea to suck up even more of my time by taking a position at The Monster Makers. It’s a company that deals in big barrels of chemicals and jugs of brown stuff, all of which can be mixed together to make masks, prosthetics and movie-grade makeup. It has been awesome being there and picking the brains of the dudes who work there because they’re all into it and are supremely good sculptors. It’s also great ’cause that’s where I pick up my resin and silicone, so it’s like I’m working for material! (But I’m actually working for money, because the gross income box on tax forms don’t let you put “a couple buckets of brown stuff” in)

Don’t forget about me, Ben. I got my eye on you.


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Come to the Dark Side, Valentine

I’m a little behind in posting up all the new sculptures I’ve done in the past couple weeks; I have wanted to stagger them so it doesn’t seem like I’m pumping them out one after the other in a mad fever. That IS what I’m doing, but I don’t want it to seem like that. This one I completed last week, on Friday I think, and it almost already seems like years ago that I made him. He’s a version of Magus from Chrono Trigger that I guess shows up before you realize he’s a bad guy? I don’t know, I never played it. That fact feeds itself into the mysteriousness of the character’s pose here. Can you see/feel it?

Feel my mystery

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Not everything groundhogs say is true

Now my time is split precariously between catching up on commissions /working on projects and proving that I’m still alive (h’lo folks!) all the while trying to maintain my slow progress in Skyrim. I’ll be working on a sculpture or casting a bunch of stuff and then feel a pang of guilt because I left an NPC hanging when I told her I’d deliver a letter for her or I still have to retrieve some dead jerk’s horn for a bunch of crusty guys on top of a mountain. Why won’t they LET ME LIVE?!

I did manage to get this done in the betweentime.

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There’s a new bot in town

Do you ever plan to eat a candy bar? I do. I think about it like a day ahead and go, “Twix’d be good right around now… Tomorrow.” Twix is especially a good choice because it knocks me out on the first one, then I have to put the second bit in a drawer. If I’m lucky I forget all about it until the next day when I find it and decide probably it’s still good. (Hint: most stores sell these bad boys for a buck and a half, but the GOOD stores do a 3 for 2 dollars thing? (Hint: just buy one, there’s no way you could eat 3 Twixes and then leave the other bit in a drawer before one goes probably bad))

On a related note– The word’s got to get out, I’ve released several items directly for sale on etsy and in the shop section, so check out those outlets for your Fizz Man Industries needs.


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Slackin’ Around Again

I woke up and felt a strange sensation that I was forgetting something today. I went downstairs and into the kitchen and forgot why I went in there, so I went out and went back in but couldn’t get a handle on it. Then I went back up the stairs, but miscalculated the number of steps so I did that thing where you feel like you know you can fly but have forgotten how to. THEN I REMEMBERED: I need to build a new stair-step.

THEN I REMEMBERED: That wasn’t what I forgot to do. ScrewAttack reminded me though, that I said on camera that if you go to my site there would be a Flash Man sculpture ready for viewing. Well, I rushed back downstairs to where my computer used to be, but I forgot that I sold it for a novelty corncob cellphone. So now I’m at the library and feverishly posting this so that I’m not made out to be a liar! So, check it out, ScrewAttackers!

Or are ScrewAttack patrons ScrewVictims?

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493 in 2012

I spent most of yesterday organizing my pictures, which is the computer equivalent of alphabetizing my CD collection (or the Jon Arbuckle equivalent of categorizing my sock drawer) and realized there are a lot of sculptures I never put up on the site– not because I’m lazy but because they are from years ago and they are a little rough around the edges. I reserve the right to hide my early work and just show off the stuff I like. Maybe in the future I’ll publish a book of things I’m not proud of, with a big picture of me on the front with a chunk of egg salad stuck in my hair.

Anyway, I got this number: 493. I’ve made a lot of copies of bob-ombs and Shy Guys (but I didn’t count resin casts) and each individual chess piece that I hand-sculpted, of which I’ve done seven now. I was amazed when I was counting ’em up, because the number was getting up there and I still had folders to root through. All I need is 7 more and I get a FREE SUB*!

*free sub with purchase of any sub of equal or lesser value

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Big MAGFest Project Announcement!

The time has come to drop the biggest project I’ve been working on for MAGFest 10: Mega Man Chess!

I said I’d announce this by Friday night, so I gotta dash this off in the next couple minutes or I’m OUT OF BOUNDS. This new set is gonna be shown off for the first time at MAGFest 10, so make sure you get yourself to National Harbor next weekend! I promise this set is the best Mega Man Chess set that you can find. On Google images. Thus far. Here are some more shots:


More shots of individual pieces to come. Also, I’ll eventually get a more dazzling board but for now we’re on the vinyl placemat. LOOK AT THOSE PIECES!!!! (not the board!)

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Candy Cat Calmly Washes Its Face.

OH BOY… MAGFest is a mere 7 days away and I’m feverishly finishing up as many projects as possible. Sorry to those who tried to get in some last-minute Christmas gifts from me, I want to make sure I’ve got enough of a table to WOW the gawkers and lookers-on this year at my table!

I did, however, get a call from Tim Ekkebus of X-Strike Studios who wanted a Candy Cat from the Dragon Quest Series. Since I can’t say no to Tim (because I’m very, very scared of him) I got down to business on his project straight away! Don’t let the date of this post fool you, though– I did it like three weeks ago but didn’t say anything about it until now because he wanted it to be a Christmas secret. Now I’m pretty sure Christmas is over, but these days you never can tell the way televesion never shuts up about it. Is it over?

I keep saying I’ll unveil the big project before MAG on the site, so I will. Tomorrow night I’ll put up the gallery of my latest invention! Be there!

And go to Candy Cat Land!

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