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Toy Store! Toy Store! Toy Store!

Tomorrow’s almost here, and when it is, I’ll be rolling up to the Grand Opening of Lakewood’s newest vinyl toy shop

Sleepy Robot 13

Come on down after 11 AM on 4/21 to get first dibs on all the brilliant blind boxes, exclusives and limited runs! AND the best selection of Sleepy Robots in one place by Lisastarchild Pinkston (the owner of the shop).  Not to mention a spot with some of my resin pieces for sale (Shy Guys and HAUNTS) and also a bunch of choice custom vinyls by Rick Sans.


While I’m there me and Rick are gonna work on a GIANT MUNNY together– there’s also going to be home-cooked refreshments, one thing of which is Anne’s famous dessert sushi, which is rice krispie snacks + swedish fish rolled up in Fruit by the Roll-Ups! Now I think about it, this is like 8 DAYS of fun things in all one day, so 1. show up and 2. BE READY

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2 responses to “Toy Store! Toy Store! Toy Store!”

  1. Kodykoala says:

    I love her stuff!!! I also love your stuff. I really want to get one of your figures from your etsy store, but I have to scrap together a few bucks. I love pac man and your work as usual.

  2. Curtiss Grymala says:

    That dessert sushi sounds like about the only kind of sushi I could get into. 🙂

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