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Slackin’ Around Again

I woke up and felt a strange sensation that I was forgetting something today. I went downstairs and into the kitchen and forgot why I went in there, so I went out and went back in but couldn’t get a handle on it. Then I went back up the stairs, but miscalculated the number of steps so I did that thing where you feel like you know you can fly but have forgotten how to. THEN I REMEMBERED: I need to build a new stair-step.

THEN I REMEMBERED: That wasn’t what I forgot to do. ScrewAttack reminded me though, that I said on camera that if you go to my site there would be a Flash Man sculpture ready for viewing. Well, I rushed back downstairs to where my computer used to be, but I forgot that I sold it for a novelty corncob cellphone. So now I’m at the library and feverishly posting this so that I’m not made out to be a liar! So, check it out, ScrewAttackers!

Or are ScrewAttack patrons ScrewVictims?

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2 responses to “Slackin’ Around Again”

  1. André Gota says:

    Dude, you’ve made incredible work. That is art. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Beautiful work man. Congratz, from Brazil!

  2. inatspong says:

    Just for future reference, we’re called g1s, not ScrewAttackers. But still, I’m loving your stuff, man. Keep it up!

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