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Post-MAG reality check

‘Nother MAGFest done and dusted, and my shelf’s looking like it’s gotta get filled with funny sculptures again. Already I’ll be hitting the sculpting table with commissions for round ten of my life as a full-time artist. Now that the big milestone’s over, I have to start thinking: is this a job, or an activity that is merely staving off the moment until I have to GET a job? Oddly enough, that sentiment makes me want to sculpt RIGHT NOW

One of the things I want to do more is write more this year. That last sentence could be rewritten, “I would like to write more more”. This is a good reason for me to be in the practice of writing! I’ll be talking more about what I’m doing in the life of me as well as the obvious art stuff that just bogs this site down, really.

Also you may notice that the pictures have been retaken for Mega Man Chess. This is because Rachel Peterson came and took far better pictures than I ever could with her space camera from the future. I’ll be putting new sculptures up daily from all the pieces that were unveiled at MAGFest– there’s quite a few, so keep up!

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