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Big MAGFest Project Announcement!

The time has come to drop the biggest project I’ve been working on for MAGFest 10: Mega Man Chess!

I said I’d announce this by Friday night, so I gotta dash this off in the next couple minutes or I’m OUT OF BOUNDS. This new set is gonna be shown off for the first time at MAGFest 10, so make sure you get yourself to National Harbor next weekend! I promise this set is the best Mega Man Chess set that you can find. On Google images. Thus far. Here are some more shots:


More shots of individual pieces to come. Also, I’ll eventually get a more dazzling board but for now we’re on the vinyl placemat. LOOK AT THOSE PIECES!!!! (not the board!)

Big MAGFest Project Announcement!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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4 responses to “Big MAGFest Project Announcement!”

  1. Jason Kuder says:

    I had a feeling this secret project was going to have something to do with Mega Man! Amazing work as always, sir!I have a toys of a couple of these characters and your sculpts are perfect representations!

    • Curtiss Grymala says:

      I couldn’t agree more. These characters are awesome! Learning to play chess on this set is going to be insanely cool. In my humble opinion, this set blows the Zelda set out of the water.

      Out of curiosity, Ben, are they all hand-sculpted, or did you use the new molds that you’ve been trying out?

  2. Sam says:

    The characters look great! Wish I could have seen you at MAGFest, I was going up until the last minute when my group bailed. Hope it was great!

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