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If you can believe it, I made a sculpture

Gotta keep moving after Los Angeles and the Proximity Show. I got a call to put together this tidy little character– can you guess what he is or is doing? I can’t. But I will lay my life down for his right to be it! (and do it!)

Beyond these projects, I’m getting my next big release ready. With the Zelda set behind me (and the press of it being well and truly milked) it’s time to get the next set out. Though I don’t want to be considered a one-trick pony, I don’t much care– the subject matter of this next chess set is something a lot closer to my heart than Zelda, for sure. I won’t say just yet what it is (and some of you already know) but I promise it’ll be 1) better than that other one and 2) playable with standard chess rules. LET THE RUMOR MILL BEGIN!

If you can believe it, I made a sculpture, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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