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Countdown to Party-Time

There’ll be something to talk about in a few weeks, and it’ll be all about the EXTRA LIVES show at Proximity Gallery on October 7th, 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into a national holiday after this year, and every subsequent 10/7 will have remembrances and expensive dinners, as the custom goes. Tradition is important to uphold.

I’ve got some tubular artists with me to fill out the room with pop-culture and video game related art pieces, including Sans Oceana of course, Alex Cantrell and Seth Bittner, who are both 2-D artists with a lot of good pieces to show off. If you’re in the Cleveland area that weekend, definitely come on down on Friday for a kickoff hootenanny. It will be tasteful. In a few days I’ll put up some shots of projects me and the guys are gonna bring with us!

Go over to the Facebook Page to claim your being-going-there. I have it on good authority that Yum-Yum the Clown* will be selling hot balloon-doggies out front!

*Unless it conflicts with his daughter’s wedding that weekend.

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