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Let’s Play This Game Again

Hey, remember when I made a chess set with pieces that looked like Zelda characters? Well, pretend the answer to that question is “no”! 

I got called on to put together another of these boards, identical to the first one, and I guess I really don’t have to bring it onto the site. However, I did make some very negligible changes to the pieces, and there’s a real nice board involved. Also, to chess nerds, I can’t be called out for glaring mistakes in board setup. I can, however, still be called out for mistakes in character placement from different nerds, or other nerds who think I should have made a Battlestar Galactica chess set.

What’s even better about this set is that I got time to play a game or two! WHO’LL TAKE THAT CHALLENGE?

Here’s the full 2nd Zelda Set Gallery!

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One response to “Let’s Play This Game Again”

  1. Clay! says:

    Another classic! Keep up da good work

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