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Anne Used ENGAGE! It’s Super Effective!

So last weekend Anne and I went to Pittsburgh to see one of our favorite groups, Tally Hall. We also went to Kennywood, which is a theme park and splash-zone with plenty of parking and Nightmares. One such Nightmare is Garfield’s. You would be surprised, but a lot of Garfield’s anxiety is food-related. I would think it would center more on things he can’t control, but then again, I’d be overreaching if I said I knew anything about Cat Psychology. That course was not available in the semester I was doing Horse and Bird Psychology, and it would have been good to get it out of the way, but that STILL doesn’t cover Cartoon Cat Psychology which wasn’t even listed as a course at Cleveland State.

Further, after Kennywood, we went to Mr. Small’s Theater outside of Pittsburgh for the show. During Tally Hall’s set, Rob Cantor stopped the show to announce Anne and my presence. He had us stand in the middle of the crowd and Anne asked if I wanted to marry her!  Believe it! I said yes in so many words. You can see a video of it on Youtube, which has a vast cache of resources for your Cat Psychology course.

You should celebrate in your own way by checking out the Shop section of the site– there’s now Fizz Man Shirts to buy! Congratulation!

Anne Used ENGAGE! It's Super Effective!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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2 responses to “Anne Used ENGAGE! It’s Super Effective!”

  1. Coz says:

    Congrats. It was a pleasure witnessing the Moses’ing of the crowd for you two.

  2. miss fizz says:

    @Coz, thanks for making the vid and posting it!! Really appreciate it <3

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