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Here Comes a Crumbly Creep!

Remember the first time you were playing Super Mario 3 when you go into that first castle and there’s that jerk dead Koopa Troopa and you’re like, “how ’bout a boot in the face?” and then he falls to a heap and you feel better than you ever did, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR FIRE FLOWER? And then later you know better, but then your friend tells you there’s a warp whistle up there if you fly above the wall in that castle, so you get a leaf and whang that dead jerk Koopa and he falls to a heap, but then he comes BACK and TAKES YOUR RACCOON TAIL?

Check out the full gallery of Dry Jerk here.

Here Comes a Crumbly Creep!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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One response to “Here Comes a Crumbly Creep!”

  1. Kodykoala says:

    I love Dry bones!!!! Great Work.

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