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Into Indie Toy Time

There’s these toys that people make by themselves, and I want in! The first one I made isn’t one of my own designs– rather, it’s the brain-grand-child of Indie artist Rick Sans. He sent me some blueprints and I cobbled something together, which you can see on the right. I’m already channeling some rad ghosts and dinosaurs in my head, which’ll hopefully turn into a couple of successful figures down the line, and hopefully in time for the DesignCon in November! Be ready!

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  1. AS,To say that technology may not be the Savior of our Nation does not make John Myers a Luddite. Ease up. Our problems are political and I agree with John that better technology wont overcome that.

    • Ben Howard says:

      You know what, you’re right. I suppose I was a little harsh. Since you put me in my place here, I can confidently say I have indeed “eased up”. Let me tell you– it feels terrible. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it.

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