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It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

Here’s a picture of what I’ve been working on lately– it’s a commission set of chess pieces for a Zelda-themed chess set. The guy who commissioned it has been asking me to crank this out for years now, but I’ve only deferred the project for lack of a female antagonist to fill the role of “Evil Queen”. All the other pieces came pretty easily, but the Evil Queen was the one that always put a stop to the project. I can’t make that excuse anymore, ’cause the guy found one? Can you figure out who she is? (hint: she ain’t in the picture over there, I haven’t made her yet.)

As you can imagine, this is a whopper of an undertaking, and it’s taken up my whole sculpting schedule. When it’s done, I can’t wait to play at least one game and lose terribly before I pack it up and ship it away!

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  1. Curtiss Grymala says:

    Dude, this is insane. I am kind of jealous. I’ve always admired your chess sets; and this one kind of takes the cake. The only thing I can think of that might be cooler than a Zelda chess set would be if you were to put together a Mega Man chess set.

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