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Been Busy

The resounding sentiment is that there is no excuse or call for the fact that I am exceedingly, uncommonly busy. I have been without the time to update this website for nigh on six months now! Where do the rest of you find the time?

Sometimes I go to sleep and have to wake up five minutes earlier to go to school- only to find my class is usually cancelled due to illness or dog-related mishaps. Unfortunately, I am obligated to sit there for the entire two hours because my new years resolution was to live entirely by principle.

Being that I lost a lot of blood in a brush-fire, I am unable to retain muscle memory that allows me to perform certain tasks and as a result it is near impossible for me to make toast. Thus I waste about 45 minutes a day and approximately 2 loaves of bread (making the minute-to-slice ratio about 1:1.3). I would forego eating toast in the morning, but, god dammit it’s the principle of the thing.

Last month I decided to head out and set up another booth at an anime convention in mid-Ohio. I figured that kids with a penchant for one Japanese-induced discipline would natuarally cater to all of them, right? WRONGth. I set up my folderol with the hopes that I’d grab instant fanfare and then maybe quickly close up shop for falafel. Nothing. There was some interest in the King of All Cosmos until the guy realized it wasn’t an extremely unknown reference to a character from the Ping-Pong Club. I was called a dork by a guy in a Charizard suit. After smacking a Chobit’s ass I got thrown out DJ Jazzy Jeff-style by an Uncle Phil lookalike from the neighboring Fresh Prince of Bel-Air convention. All in all, I would have to say the con was a complete success.

  1. I got that falafel
  2. I learned more about Digimon that really anybody my age should
  3. I stole an irresponsible amount of Braille Yu-Gi-Oh cards from a blind kid

Observation: Next time, leave the bow-tie at home.

Extensive work on the development of a solid road-act for Dr. Wily’s Clockwork Players. I tried learning to play the saxophone in an attempt to give the interpretations some soul; my sophomoric honking has as yet not improved the value of the songs, but I guess I look pretty stylish doing it. The stage act is shaping up to be at least a twenty-person effort, at the cost of about twelve hundred dollars per performance.

Began my English honors thesis to prove conclusively with irrefutable evidence that Shkespeare was actually five or six guys. Or maybe three sexy girls under the sway of an overseer, later portrayed on the big screen by Bill Murray. Research on this topic has and will continue to cost twenty-five hundred dollars a month.


I’ve put up a cavalcade of new sculptures originally unveiled at MAGFest and Fusion ’06. I’m working on some commissions and personal pursuits for MAGFest 5, including a rippin’ interpretation of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill! If you’re going to MAGFest 5 and you have an idea for a sculpture you’d want to see, e-mail me at or Note the underscore in the varms address, it is crucial and misleading! Even if you have an idea that you wouldn’t necessarily buy, drop me a line anyway.

Check out the reviews section for my review of Silent Hill the movie. With it, I won “least likely to inform anyone of anything” in the school newspaper for the third year in a row!


Thanks to Shan, Derrick, Clay and all the other Fusion kids for putting on the worst strawberry festival I have ever attended. As a video game convention, though, it was a blast. Derrick and I were kings among men in the Double-Dash tournament. I almost won the Guitar Hero competition but was bested by a fake plastic Sammy Hagar. Thanks to Michael Kipps and Chris Yamine for the patronage; I am currently working on a Chris Yamine fansite!

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