Fizz Man Industries

Fizz Man character image


Days’re getting warmer, and my docket’s getting fuller of things to work on- I need to get started working on some real crowd-stompers for the rapidly upcoming Too Many Games convention, plus there’s another Zelda Set to do and some other projects. Working up at Monster Makers has given me pause, though, because there are two incredibly good sculptors who work there and their skill and knowledge is simultaneously spurring and daunting. I’m lucky to be working with them because I get to steal their secrets, slowly/surely. I got a bunch of work done today which is awesome and I also realized, hey! Website’s got some dust on it! Blow it off, Ben! Here’s a guy I’m sure… Somebody will recognize! There’s not an abundance of pictures of this latest sculpture because they were lost in the Great Laptop Fry-Up of Early March.

“I own a Soulsweeper, it’s okay” 

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