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Can’t Stop Eating

Hi! Do you love blogs that start with the phrase, “I know it’s been a long time since I last posted…” because that’s the way I think I am about this blog!

So I went to Las Vegas and got married, and then came back to Cleveland to have a party with the family folks and friends. This is my excuse for being off and about for like two months. Super busy with party stuff, and not to mention me and Anne are moving back to JAPAN in two days (!) so not as much time to work on the sculptures.

That ain’t to say I was sitting on my thumbs, sir! No, I made my thumbs work the hardest in fact- get ahold of a load of this cake topper I made for the top of the cake that my mom made for our wedding reception!

I didn’t get any shots of the cake myself, so this one comes courtesy of Erin Seagraves. Thanks Erin! If any other shots of the full cake trickle down, I’ll toss those up, too. Sorry to everyone who has sent commission requests in the past few weeks, I’ve just kinda clammed up and haven’t replied. You can expect a response soon– unfortunately the answer’ll be no for awhile, since I’m moving. Rest assured though, I’ll be sculpting overseas with Monster Clay. Unfortunately that means no final products, just goofaround projects. Gotta keep sharp, though!

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