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The Legend is True

So I spent three months putting a Zelda Chess set together, WHAT OF IT. Did you expect any less of me? Click that bit on the right to see so many pictures of all the characters. Each piece is unique, I didn’t replicate anything or use any molds. Boy, I sure kinda wish I had, though. Woulda saved some time!

I’m probably gonna get to take it for one test-drive before I send it away and never see it again… It’s a shame I’m terrible at chess, though.

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Zelda Chess Continued

Efforts continue to be made (by me) to finish Zelda chess. It’s getting close to being done (by me) but then it’s gotta be painted (I guess by me). I made a WIP gallery so you (not me) can see all the guys thus far. I think it’ll be my best chess set so far!

You can get to the Chess WIP gallery here.

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It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

Here’s a picture of what I’ve been working on lately– it’s a commission set of chess pieces for a Zelda-themed chess set. The guy who commissioned it has been asking me to crank this out for years now, but I’ve only deferred the project for lack of a female antagonist to fill the role of “Evil Queen”. All the other pieces came pretty easily, but the Evil Queen was the one that always put a stop to the project. I can’t make that excuse anymore, ’cause the guy found one? Can you figure out who she is? (hint: she ain’t in the picture over there, I haven’t made her yet.)

As you can imagine, this is a whopper of an undertaking, and it’s taken up my whole sculpting schedule. When it’s done, I can’t wait to play at least one game and lose terribly before I pack it up and ship it away!

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